Asia ChatbotTrend Report

Chatbot Trend Report

Why do we make Chatbot Trend Report?

Chatbot market has set to bloom since 2018. In the beginning, chatbot has been introduced generally in the finance industry but its use has been expanded to other important business and also public institutions.

Through MakeBOT's Chatbot Trend Report, we'd like to suggest to you what is a way for the better chatbot user experiences.

asia chatbot trend report

Why Asia?

Mobile phone messaging app user penetration in Asia-Pacific is about 70%(eMarketer, 2019), while the population in Asia reached about 4.6 B, accounting for 58% of the world population. Furthermore, according to our chatbot trend report, most people wanted to solve their simple inquiries through ‘message apps (47.8 percent)’ or ‘call service centers.'

This means that 3.22B out of 4.6B has used mobile phone messaging apps, and this is why we should focus on introducing the ‘In-App chatbot solution’ in Asia.

Makebot Chatbot Trend Report Press Release

Makebot's 2021 Korea∙Asia Chatbot Trend Report has been introduced by various media around the world.

  • Yahoo finance

  • Businesswire

  • AP

  • Malaysia Global Business Forum

  • Metro

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